50 Inspirational Life Lessons

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How to Make America Great Again

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Timeless Wisdom

How to Be Happy Under Any Circumstance
How to Be Successful in Your Business & Relationships
How to Be a Leader & Positive Influence Others
How to Stay Calm & Be More Self-Confident
How to Help Others & Live a Life Worthwhile
& Much More...


Imagine a new American renaissance. Imagine a strong American spirit, revitalized by the common-sense virtues and success principles of the past. Imagine that you have an important, essential role to play in making it happen. Evergreen (50 Inspirational Life Lessons) is your guidebook. Adapted from the writings of...

Ralph Waldo Emerson

James Allen

Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Napoleon Hill

Hellen Keller

William George Jordan

Theodore Parker

Orison Swett Marden

Booker T. Washington

Basil King

Luella Rettinghouse Lyon

Douglas Fairbanks

... and 27 More Inspirational Authors

Chapter Highlights: 50 Life Lessons

05Keys to Success

16Living By Our Principles

19The Power of Words

23 Wealth & Happiness

26 Braving The Battle of Life

31The Winning Personality

40Success on the Job

50The Art of Being Alive

James Allen

"The beautiful truth is that you are the master of your thoughts, the molder of your character, and the maker of your condition, environment, and destiny."

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... of inspiration and motivation that you can apply to every part of your personal and professional life.

Life Lessons

... on success, happiness, leadership, love, wealth, persistence, empathy, wisdom, spirituality, and more.

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