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Evergreen: 50 Inspirational Life Lessons

Available Exclusively in Hardcover

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Everest: 50 Motivational Life Lessons

Everest: 50 Motivational Life Lessons

Available Exclusively in Hardcover

Holiday Sale! Get 30% off with coupon code: LIVINGHOUR30

Price $15.34 (With Coupon)


Imagine a new American renaissance. Imagine a strong American spirit, revitalized by the common-sense virtues and success principles of the past. Imagine that you have an important, essential role to play in making it happen. Evergreen (50 Inspirational Life Lessons) is your guidebook.


Adapted from the writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson, James Allen, Ella Wheeler Wilcox, Napoleon Hill, Hellen Keller, William George Jordan, Theodore Parker, Orison Swett Marden, Booker T. Washington, Basil King, Luella Rettinghouse Lyon, Douglas Fairbanks, and 27 more inspirational authors.

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  How to Be Happy Under Any Circumstance


  How to Be Successful in Business & Relationships


  How to Be a Leader & Positive Influence on Others


  How to Stay Calm & Be More Self-Confident


  How to Help Others & Live a Life Worthwhile


  & Much More

Price $15.34 (With Coupon: LIVINGHOUR30)

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Get inspired to conquer your fears; go beyond your limiting beliefs; and live your best life with Everest: 50 Motivational Life Lessons. Based on 50 of the most popular episodes of The Inspirational Living Podcast, this beautiful hardcover book follows in the footsteps of 2016’s best-seller Evergreen: 50 Inspirational Life Lessons.


Each essay is edited and adapted from the works of such classic self-development authors as Christian D. Larson, Frederick Douglass, William George Jordan, Bernarr Macfadden, Elbert Hubbard, Nathanial C. Fowler, Clare Tree Major, and many more.

Read Motivational Life Lessons About …

  How to Be a Self-Made Man or Woman


  How to Develop the Courage to Succeed


  How to Find Your Life’s Guiding Purpose


  How to Create a Positive Mindset


  How to Build a Heroic Character


  & Much More

Price $15.34 (With Coupon: LIVINGHOUR30)

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The Podcast


Launched in December of 2015, the Inspirational Living podcast has become one of the world’s most popular personal development podcasts, with over 3 million downloads. Our twice-weekly podcast focuses on character building, achievement, self-reliance, positivity, and spiritual growth. Master the art of living a life worthwhile: a life of success, happiness, and integrity that inspires others.



Life Lesson Book Excerpts


Calmness is the rarest quality in human life. It is the signpost of a great nature, in harmony with itself and its ideals. It is the moral atmosphere of the life self-reliant and the self- controlled. Calmness is singleness of purpose, absolute confidence, and conscious power — ready to be focused in an instant to meet any crisis. – William George Jordan, 1900 (Evergreen: 50 Inspirational Life Lessons)


I should like to sound in your ears a clarion call that would fire your heart. I should like to reveal to you a vision of force, of benevolence, of consecrated courage, after which it will be impossible for you to be satisfied with fleeting pleasures, or to give yourself up to barren discouragement. Let us hope that my wish may be fulfilled, both for your own sake and for the sake of those who love you. – Charles Wagner, 1903 (Everest: 50 Motivational Life Lessons)


Stop wondering why you were born into this world. Stop looking for faults and flaws. Rise up today with joy and say, “I am going to be alive!” In every thousand people who are living on this earth, not more than one is alive. To be really alive means more than to be a moving, breathing, eating, drinking, and talking human being. Those who are actually alive find the days too short to pursue all the wonderful explorations which life offers them. They find life itself a continual adventure, an unfolding panorama, with opportunities for pleasure and achievement at every turn. – Ella Wheeler Wilcox, 1914 (Evergreen)


There is no royal road to perfection. Certainly no one must wait for some kind of friend to put a springing board under their feet, upon which they may easily bound from the first rung of their ladder onward and upward to its highest rung. If you wait for this, you may wait long — perhaps forever. If you do not think yourself worth saving from poverty and ignorance by your own efforts, you will hardly be thought worth the efforts of anybody else. Remember that the individual who will get up will be helped up; and the one who will not get up will be allowed to stay down.Frederick Douglass, 1859 (Everest)

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